Just can’t wait to be on the road again….

I LOVE to drive. 


I got my license to drive a car the moment I turned 16, I felt a great sense of freedom having that little piece of paper in my hand and quickly bought my own car, a used Ford from an old guy in my small town who rarely took it out, it was in great shape and had very little in the way of mileage, it wasn’t the coolest car but it served it’s purpose and it was mine to go where I pleased and go I did.


I have owned a vehicle most of my adult life, with a few exceptions here and there, and in the last 10 or so years ‘Road Trips’ have become a way for my husband and I to satisfy our wanderlust.  Neither of us have found much practicality in flying to a destination and going from there, we couldn’t stand that we were missing so much good stuff on the ground.  We have been explorers, and have spent much time visiting many places with geological significance.  Our first big road trip was in 2003, we drove to Reno, then Las Vegas, then San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco then home.  We have lots of photos and such warm memories from that trip. We even got married in Vegas, by an Elvis impersonator and it was one of the coolest things either one of us has done.  We spent our “honeymoon” at Universal Studios where we saw the movie American Wedding, it had just been released.  I actually adopted the nickname “The Machine” on that trip because of my stamina behind the wheel, we drove long hours each day in our quest to see all we could see on that trip, it was amazing!


There would be many other “Road Trips”, ones where we spent our time in Death Valley, or at Old Benton Hot Springs, the Scablands in Washington State, Crater Lake in Oregon, Mount St Helen, the Hoover Dam, Portland, Mono Lake, and even a trip where we drove to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico…now THAT was something!  It was another very, very cool experience, one I will never forget as long as I live.  Lots and lots of fun memories from the road.  I miss it so much!


The reason I miss it is that my heart issues have stopped us in our tracks as far as these trips are concerned.  Every time I have an incident, I am not allowed to drive for 6 months.  Every episode sets the clock back to day one and there have been so many incidents that we finally sold our Jeep Liberty because the cost of keeping a vehicle insured was just pointless. It’s all about public transit these days.  Granted, I did finally have a spell of good health and we signed up for Zipcar, it was nice to have access to a vehicle  when it was really needed.  Even if it was just a trip to Costco, I felt that sense of freedom again, just like I was 16 again.  But that was to be short lived because on June 3 I had an event that took my driving privileges away again until early December just when we were hoping to get back on the road.  We had talked about driving to Ontario to see my family, it’s been 10 years since I had been back, it was a huge disappointment to both of us, we were looking so forward to the wind in our hair again.


It’s funny, lately I have found myself watching people drive by as I wait at the bus stop, and I actually feel envious, it’s kind of like when a person quits smoking and every time they see someone light up, they want to do the same, it just looks so enjoyable you almost can’t resist.  I want so badly to be on the road again and right now, we have so many road trip plans in our back pocket that it would take us an eternity to get the all in.  I dream that one day we can pull one out, hop in a vehicle and hit the open road and get our wanderlust on again. I want to again  explore this magnificent planet of ours and can’t wait to re-visit some of our favourite places on this earth and I am almost positive, that we will find some new ones.


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